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Is Your Webmaster Stealing Your “Google Juice”?

Your website could be losing hundreds or thousands of visitors a day! This article gives you insight into the impact this has on your exposure, and how to kick this problem to the curb.


It’s a common practice for a web designer to put a link at the bottom of a website. Did you know that link has a major negative impact of your websites ability to rank? Not all webmasters are analytical. They can’t all say they will in fact, “optimize” your website to the true definition of the word. They might try, and yes, there might be some that can actually pull it off effectively. However, if your webmaster insists on putting a link back to them on the bottom of your page, insist that they block the search engines from reading that link. Better yet, request that your webmaster simply puts their business name and phone number on the bottom of the website, and maybe a single non-juice pulling link to them in the “about us” section of your website.

Quite a number of webmasters show up at the top of search engines mainly due to inbound links from client’s websites. There is no way they can replicate that “optimization” effort for their clients. (Maybe that’s why their prices are so low.) In fact, by putting their link on your site they could be pulling “Google juice” from your website. Do you let your neighbor steal your electricity?


In fact, by nature, webmasters are most often creative types, not analytical researchers. Chances are, your webmaster just didn’t know any better. Perhaps, that link is why they charge less.  If they want to you to pay more money to not have the link, or just one link in the “about us” page,  it’s probably worth the additional cost.  Maybe, you as a business owner, didn’t know that you needed both a “creative person” and an “analytical researcher” in your online marketing effort.  Consider having a specialist handle your search engine optimization and internet marketing.


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