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Social Bookmarking | What is Social Bookmarking

Anyone on the internet can use social bookmarking and tagging sites, such as to create and search for bookmarks of their favorite websites. Social bookmarking enables an internet user to create organized links of places that they visit online.

Social bookmarking got it’s start in 1996, when a now defunct website called itList launched the concept of social bookmarking. While itList was quite innovative for it’s day, allowing you to share your bookmarks with everyone, or keep them private, it is no longer a social bookmarking site.

What is Social Bookmarking and Tagging

A website called Delicious pioneered tagging in 2003, and also coined the term “social bookmarking”. A tag is a simple phrase that describes the website.

Let’s have you try out social bookmarking and tagging!
Let’s have you create a social bookmark, click on the following link and go to and at the top you will see a green button to join. I’ve also included quite a few more bookmark links at the bottom of this page, should you want to go nutty. To curb spammers, most bookmarking sites require you to join or register, in order to create your bookmarks.

So, can you now answer the question: “What is Social Bookmarking and Tagging?” I sure hope you can.


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