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SEO Package Features

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package Features:

Depending on our recommendations, your SEO Package may include the following:

Site Analysis

We perform full diagnostics on your current website. We identify issues and work with you to correct these issues.

Google Analytics

Set up and support of Google Analytics for your website to track your traffic, traffic conversions and more!

Keyword Research

We procure keywords that are going to convert you more business.

Competitor & Industry Research

We look at your direct and indirect competitors online. We find out what your competitors are doing, and help you do what you do better. We analyze your industry worldwide and use this data to help formulate a strategy that is primed for growth.

Optimization of Keyword Pages

Creation of Meta Tags and Meta Tags installation

Web Content Writing

Unique and keyword rich content, that is written by professional writers.


Further broadcasting your website via HTML, XML and RSS sitemaps

On Page SEO

robots.txt file, custom 404 errors page, internal linking restructuring, alternate text added to images

Business Comprehensive Verification

Having your business data authenticated by authoritative third party sources will help publishers’ confidence in its accuracy and can lead to faster results.

High-Level Verification – Add credibility to your listings

Rigorous checks verifying your business’ existence. Blue Search Marketing will deploy multiple verification methods, such as those used by banks.

Social Profiles

We create social profiles on various social networks and social media websites. This not only creates more links to your website, it also gives your business a presence where many people interact online.

‘Verified Business’ Seal

A Verified Business seal will be created, and can be displayed on your website and in your emails, providing your clients and vendors with a high degree of confidence that they are working with a legitimate business. 

Manual fast submissions & claiming on all the top search sites

Each listing is carefully submitted to maximize visibility and ensure accuracy.

Submission of business listings to 15 major search engines

This provides a method to get faster online visibility some of the most important sites on the web. (While information aggregator methods are very reliable, they can take several weeks to update results. Also, they also don’t accept all the information fields that are submitted.)

Claim listing ownership with Google, Yahoo & Bing

Claiming of your listing on sites such as Google is considered one of the main actions that help visibility of listings. It locks ownership of listings to your company, password-protects it and adds all the important information you want to list. This is unanimously recommended by local search experts. 

Listing Directories Submission

The first step to helping customers can find you on search engines, mobile/GPS devices, social networks, online yellow pages.

Reputation Management

Listing Aggregators Submission

(D&B, Express Update, Acxiom, infoUSA)
Great sources of anchor data about your company, used by the search platforms. If ANY of these have bad information, it could affect your ability to rank at the top.

Listing Accuracy Web Presence Analysis

Evaluation and check of where your business is listed on the internet, we also find any conflicts or bad data and address it to you. (Analysis report approx 120 days after submission)

Search & Social profiles – Establish and claim ownership

Claiming of your listing on sites such as Google is considered one of the main actions that help visibility of listings. It locks ownership of listings to your company, password-protects it and adds all the important information you want to list. This is unanimously recommended by local search experts.

Creation of a Fan-page for your business

Facebook is increasingly a key place where people look for information about businesses, and where people discuss your products and services. Having a presence there with a fan page is an essential tool.

Creation of Twitter and Foursquare profiles

These social sites are some of the most heavily trafficked on the Web, and are places where buzz about your business can appear. This helps you create a profile and presence where you can monitor and control the conversation and get more traffic and links to your website.

Social site profiles established

Other than Facebook and Twitter, MySpace and Beebo and numerous other sites which not only generate new customer contacts for your business, but can influence search site results as these profiles are often spidered by directories and search engines.

Creation of Blogs and Blog directory postings with deep linking

Utilizing the profile data you provide, blogs are established on key sites such as WordPress Blogger that are known to influence search engine results. Whether you develop them for blogging or not, the profiles will give your visibility a boost.

Production of 30 second video Showcasing Your Business

Video has a huge significance on the Web as is the second largest search engine on the internet. Video Production can be expensive, and our method uses the information that you submit, and showcases your website to create a short descriptive video that achieves the search results. More comprehensive video production and distribution services are also available.

Premium Online Press Releases

This generates news stories – that other people will re-post – potentially generating links to your website. Release will have keywords and a link to your website.

Submissions Reports

Submission tracking reports that outline the places we submit your website and when (upon request).

Ranking Reports

Detailed data and statistics about the keywords you rank on within top search results (upon request).

Business Phone Number Assistance

We assist you in obtaining a vanity or easy to remember local and/or toll-free number. A good phone number can really help your business succeed! Furthermore, we can help you find the right phone service to connect your toll-free number to.

Live Technical Support

Professional technical support, advice and training for the program and client service features.

Questions? Contact us at (503) 480-9501 or Request a Quote

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