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Content Strategy Overview

“This content and link building strategy is so popular and valuable, that it’s one of the few recommended personally by the engineers at Google”

– (source: USA Today and Stone Temple).

What if you could publish your own online magazine that talks about your company, products and services? Oh, and you don’t have to do any of the publishing, authoring, or technical work yourself.  In fact, you want to hit a home run, no….. You want a grand slam, great exposure, great PR, and effective online marketing.

Well, that dream can be your reality, it’s available right now, and what it does for you is attract new customers that are searching for the very specific products and services that you offer.  It drives you new business, and has a lasting impact on your visibility on the search engines.

Content Strategy Program Details:

1) A content generation platform is set up using your existing blog, or a new blog can be created.

2) Keyword consultation and research is performed into the specific phrases that describe your products and services, and we schedule articles based on when certain keywords will have the most impact for your business.  Example: seasons, weekends, and holidays.

3) Unique articles are published from one to three times per week that showcase your company, products, service, and testimonials.  Your articles are written professionally by American authors.

4) Google Analytics reporting on how many website visitors entered your website through the blog.  Using tracking data, you will see how many of blog generated visitors filled out your website’s contact form.

5) By the end of the sixth month, you will have between 24-72 articles on the internet that tie to your website and continue to attract highly targeted visitors.

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Industry Experts and Engineers at Google Agree, Building a Quality Blog is a Valuable Tool to Create Incoming Links:

Build a company blog and make it a valuable, informative and entertaining resource
This content and link building strategy is so popular and valuable that it’s one of the few recommended personally by the engineers at Google (source: USA Today & Stone Temple). Blogs have the unique ability to contribute fresh material on a consistent basis, participate in conversations across the web, and earn listings and links from other blogs, including blogrolls and blog directories.”

SEOmoz – Industry Leading Search Engine Software Company

This Content Strategy allows your company to capture more ready-to-buy internet customers:

“70% of all internet searches are “long tail”, and a long tail search is far more likely to be a customer who is ready to buy.”
– SEOmoz – Industry Leading Search Engine Software Company

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