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Seven Link Building Strategies | How to Build Links

Does your website have enough quality links to it? Without quality links, people can’t find your website, and the search engines will rank other websites before yours. If you want the edge over your competitors, find out how to make your website more accessible here.

Your website’s link popularity is one of the most vital aspects to attaining high rankings within the top search engines. While for the most competitive business niches out there, it is most probably more cost effective to outsource link popularity efforts to professional link building services such as Blue Search Marketing.  As if you are in a highly competitive business, it may be necessary to get hundreds of quality backlinks, in order to rise above the competition in the organic search engine results. Your company’s link building strategies need to be better than all your competitors if you want to be in top search engine positions.


While you won’t get the same results that you would with a link building company, below is an outline of some basic link strategies that you can use to build links to your website.

1. Start a Twitter Page and a Facebook Group and Fan Page.

Yes, you will have to invest some time to grow your following on both Twitter and Facebook, or outsource this effort to Blue Search Marketing.  Do you realize that 25% of people’s time online is spent on blogs or social media websites like Facebook?  Be careful with Twitter though, it could cost you $10 each time you post a tweet from your cell phone!

2. Use link baiting techniques

Generate content that can be spread viral on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, or news sharing sites like Digg or Reddit. It can be something short, and have a link to your website where you have more content.  Caution: Be very careful about your reputation.  Here are some link baiting ideas you could use:
-Create and Publish a 101 (your industry here) list

-Post a sarcastic comment.  I have a friend who we will call “Bob” that published a new photo of himself on Facebook.  It was a good photo of him, however it looked artsy like a _____ pill ad.   I left a comment that “Bob is back in the game, he uses ______.  It got a lot of attention.

-Humor: Are you at risk for medical condition that is caused by sitting on ice for too long? Read more about Polaroids.

-Rock the boat: Be controversial. Make an argument for why you like Microsoft Windows products in a designers forum.  (Most designers of any type are hardcore MAC fans.) Create a controversy, just don’t take it too far.

3. Get in Directories

Directories are effortless method to create back-links quickly. You are able to submit many of directories for free.  However, quite a few directories are garbage sites that will put a virus on your computer, or put you on spam email lists.  This alone is a good reason to save the hassle and outsource these efforts to a link building firm like Blue Search Marketing.

4. Submit Press Releases for Back-links

Hire someone to write an article for you and distribute is as a press release of some sort, with a link to your website in it.  There are a few good free press release websites out there, and they only can get you so much exposure.


Blue Search Marketing can professionally write and distribute press releases that are distributed to a larger footprint of the internet demographic.  These releases will nearly absolutely create a handful of back-links to your website.  Your story may even get picked up by major news media or a prominent blogger or large profile website link like Drudge Report or

5. Participate in Discussion boards & Blog Comments

Community forums and blogs are two effortless places. The most essential thing to keep in mind with these back-link sources it that every you should make comments that are relevant to the conversation.  Don’t be a spammer, it can damage your reputation, and haunt you if you do. Simply, compose responses in community forums and blogs and include a website link site.

6.  Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

This is very simple, and if you are a local based business, a fantastic link to get is from your chamber of commerce.  The cost of membership will most likely be recouped by the value of the link you get to your website.

Even if you are targeting a national audience for your business, go to your nearby chamber and register like a organization. Make sure you ask them for a link to your website, as this will most likely create a superior local authority notch toward your link popularity.

7.  Cold call websites that already list your business. Simply ask for a link if they aren’t linking to you already.  A Friday afternoons worth of calls might add two or more wonderful back-links.
There are quite a few link building tactics out there. While some operate a lot better than others, they all operate to some degree.  Have fun link building!


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