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Fiverr Reviews – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 in a blog series of Fiverr Reviews from Blue Search Marketing. is a website where you can get services that cost $5, however there is varying quality of services and products, you should not expect to get consistent customer service from various merchants on Fiverr. It’s pretty much a huge garage sale or swap meet where you get ripped off one minute, and get an absolute bargain the next.

Recently, after spending over $200 USD on Fiverr, I decided to place some ads on Fiverr and work it. While it has been lucrative, I need to tell you the back story.

Back Story of Why I Buy and Sell on Fiverr
In case you didn’t know achieved an alexa rank of 165,188 in it’s first three months. If you assume that I’ve gone out an bought a Ferrari by now, you are wrong. While this website has a well researched list of active social bookmarks, it’s barely generating any money, and a well placed classified ad in Entrepreneur Magazine has only resulted in desperate calls from some ill-advised MLM victims. While I’ve been a top inside salesman at numerous media organizations, I haven’t bothered to pick up the phone as of the time of this blog post.

Though I’ve been in internet marketing for years, I’ve never done any affiliate marketing, so I’ve jumped into Google’s Adsense and Amazon’s affiliate programs, and I’m just starting to make money with that. While Fiverr started off as an experiment, it’s turned into a Godsend as well as a major headache. Blue Search Marketing is up and running and turning down a lot of business. It’s important to find the right clients to ensure a good reputation and brand identity.

I made $1,300 USD in 10 Days on Fiverr
I have sold over 300 “gigs” with $1,300.00 in revenue in my first 10 days, and am currently working on an e-book about how to make money with Fiverr and am talking with a major marketing e-book distributor. Not bad for a flexible side gig, and for a lot of people that is full time job potential. However with the amount of harassment that you can get from other sellers, this site can really be a drain.

As a Seller on Fiverr You Will Be Harassed by Other Sellers, Mostly from India
Harassment from other sellers includes:

1. Sending rude messages or pretending to be a prospective client and sending you a message via the fiverr internet message system.
2. Sellers will create a new Fiverr account and order from you, just to give you a bad review, and stress you out.
3. If you have a successful ad, expect other people to copy your ad, down to the image you use, or the wording in your title and description.

Most of the douchebags I’ve encountered on Fiverr are from India. I recommend avoiding doing business with iweballey, jittojose, and humortechblog on Fiverr. They harass other sellers, they are not professional, the they don’t have that good of a grasp on their profession. Since everything on Fiverr is $5, you are much better off getting the same service from someone in any other country but India. If you are from India, then please let iweballey, jittojose, and humortechblog know what you think of them. That would be great.

I Turned Down Another $204 in Business from Buyers
What I haven’t told you yet is that I’ve turned down another 51 orders. I could have made another $204, but those clients wouldn’t follow the order instructions, or were asking me to do more work for free. Sometimes they didn’t have a website, they had a page on a crappy MLM site. That means out of 351 gigs, I actually turned down over 14% of them.

A a Seller, You will Be Exposed to Typical Bad Buyers
Also as a seller you are going to get customers that give you a good review that is false, such as “I got X results in four days”, when they just bought your service a minute ago. Also you will get the customers that are paranoid about getting ripped off to the point that they message you every 10 minutes or write a bad review just because no one else has written a bad review about you yet. There are a lot of people that want to get something extra for free too. As a seller, you need to value your time, manage it effectively, and say no to people that will waste your energy and time.

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My Experience with Buying on Fiverr
Enough about the experience as a seller, let’s look back to April of this year, when I purchased 50 gigs, I should note that I had actually cancelled 10 of them. 20% of what I ordered on Fiverr, I cancelled. That is one in Five that I cancelled due to poor quality or sellers not delivering on time. Since I only ordered from “top rated” sellers, it really gives you a good indication of what to expect. For the money I’ve spent and the money I’ve made, as a whole Fiverr can be worth it.

Fiverr has an Excellent Customer Service Team
Through my experience dealing with behavioral problems of shady sellers from India and one from France, I’ve had quite a bit of experience at with the support and customer service team at Fiverr and they are top notch! Reuben, Jay and Ryan are on top of it, and you are completely protected as a buyer, and at least have some form of protection as a seller.

My Upcoming e-Book on How To Make Money on Fiverr
Look out for my upcoming e-book about how to sell on Fiverr. I’m collaborating with other top marketers to write it, and it’s going to be a game changer for the amount of quality services you can find on Fiverr. Also expect Fiverr to be as big of a name as Amazon, eBay or Google someday. The guys at Fiverr have it spot on, 5 spot on!

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