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Fiverr Reviews – Part 2

If you read this blog, chances are you’ve heard of Fiverr. Maybe you found this blog when looking for fiverr reviews or information. If you didn’t already know, is a web site where you can buy or sell services at just $5 a deal. This post is part of a series of Fiverr reviews. Only registered users can buy and sell on Fiverr, and it’s free to join. If you sell on Fiverr, each “gig” you sell earns you $4 and that is how this website is supported.

Part of this experiment involves posting some ads for my own services. At the time of this post, the two ads that I had posted had not yet resulted in any sales.
Here are a few reasons why a new seller might not get any “gigs” right away:
1. Not having a video on their ads.
2. Not having any reviews for their services on Fiverr.
3. Not having a compelling enough ads created.

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My own lack of sales has not been a big surprise. The way that I had found the services that I had purchased is by looking at the first two pages of every category, and searching by rating. The only exception is I also did a search for “content” (again, filtered by rating) and ordered several “gigs” from the first page of that list.

Just a few days into my experiment with Fiverr, and already I’m engaging with so many people that are offering great services for very little cost. I’ve ordered about 20 services, or “gigs” for only $100.00 spend.

Let’s give you the Fiverr review that I promised you.

One “gig” in particular that has really caught my attention so far is a graphic designer. This professional is patient and provides a great value on Fiverr;
ckadet: I will design a professional quality logo for your business for $5

fiverr review

This graphic designer has the handle of “ckadet” on (Fiverr is very secretive about real identities) let’s just call him “Batman” for the sake of this article being easier to read. Well, Batman -aka- “ckadet” has over 14 years of experience in graphic design and has done work for Yahoo!, eBay, Kijiji and Not a bad resume! Batman will allow two revisions and several variations. I should have paid $100s for his work, and on I only paid $10 for the design of the logo and favicon that you see at the top of this very website! Unfortunately due to the amount of response he got from this review, I had to take the link to his gig down. (This post was originally published on April 7th, and revised on April 19th.

Some of the gigs offered might seem like a good deal, and even have good reviews, and yet still be a bad value. Try at your own risk at today.

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