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Fiverr Reviews – Part 1

Have you ever heard of Fiverr? is a website where you can spend or make $5. In our never ending quest for all things internet marketing, Blue Search Marketing has decided to to a complete series of Fiverr reviews. allows you to sort by ratings, however the default settings does not show you the highest rated “Fiverrs”. Also, is known to be plagued with scams, much like Well, this morning, I got up early and decided to try it out for myself. Here is what I posted:

I will improve Your Websites Rankings and Reduce Google Errors for $5
Increase your website’s search engine rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more by reducing coding errors. I will send you a same day report via email. Your excel spreadsheet will give you a detailed report on any crawl errors in your website source code, and how to fix them! Plus, I will create a social bookmark on the site of your choice! – Guaranteed Fast Turnaround – Same day service – Visit”
Here is the link to the advertisement that I recently posted:

Later today Blue Search Marketing is going to hire a few people from Fiverr and report back to you guys the kind of bang for our “buck”. Also, we plan on sharing in the upcoming weeks what kind of response we got from our ad, and what kind of results we had from the people we hired from Fiverr.

Please let us know what you think.

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