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Fiverr – Blast 33K SEO Backlink Sites

Hi, I’m Jon. Thank you for your order of 33k submissions as seen on fiverr ( )


Please note that while 33k submissions is a good value for only 5 bucks, you need to be better than your competition. That being said, some back-links are much, much more powerful than others.

I highly suggest you also get some high quality PR links and stimulate quality social bookmarks to your website. You probably will need to create backlinks to your site’s backlinks (2rd tier linking). However, you will save a lot of money and get better results if you put your priorities straight and get a good quality SEO tutorial and toolkit first.

Congratulations on your decision in spending $5 toward your internet marketing effort.
While this gig compliments everything you are doing to get results for your site, it is by no means a “magic bullet”. While you certainly will benefit, I am unable to make any specific claim in performance, as there are many other factors that affect your search engine rankings. Also, I am to unable create or export reports with the submission software that I use. Just like the term implies, I am “submitting your link”, which means I’m suggesting it to other sites. What you will see is additional spider activity in your hosting site stats within a few weeks, and keep in mind it takes Google 4-6 weeks to re-index.



Please send me (via the fiverr order page):
1. One URL (Website Address) that you want submitted

2.Between 12 and 30 “long-tail keywords” -aka- TITLES in this format:
Wedding Photography New York|Wedding Photographer New York|Wedding Photography NY|Wedding Photographer NY|Bridal Photography New York

(Note the “|” separates the phrases, not spaces (This “|” is located just above “enter” on the right hand side of the keyboard, and you will need to press “shift” to make it work.)

Titles are 2 to 5 word phrases that describe what the website is about and if applicable, include geographic location as seen in the example above. I suggest you capitalize the first letter of every word. If you want the best results possible, only $5 more will get your keywords researched and delivered to you, which is well worth it. See:

Also, if you want to avoid search engine failure, you really should order this SEO Report, there is nothing like it out there. See: I actually will send out a search engine spider to your site and it will report back to me what’s keeping your website from doing better on Google. The report is easy to read, to the point, and will get you the results that you want, period. Blue Search Marketing part of the Google Agency program, so you can rest assured that I”m giving you only the best.

This is an important step: get some stronger links coming in to your website. I strongly suggest you take advantage of this free offer for your 14 trial high of high PR backlinks (each one of the SENuke X links are as powerful as 100-1,000 social bookmarks): Click here and get your 14 day trial of SENuke X – SENuke X is the secret weapon of the most experienced internet marketers. This is a very high quality service with a good reputation, period. Especially with the recent Panda updates, Google wants to see links from good neighborhoods, and SENuke X is the Beverly Hills of the internet. Just try it out, and you’ll find that you can get great results with a little time, effort, and very little spend. With video tutorials, it’s fairly easy to learn this software, and it has a clean and easy to use interface. You can literally learn how to use it in just a few hours time. I really wish I didn’t wait so long to try it myself. You will probably look at their website, and shrug it off just like I did, until I tried it out.

I’m here to help. Let me know if you have any questions. As I get way too many questions from lazy people that haven’t bothered to read this order instructions page, please use the code word: “I read the order instructions” if you need clarification on anything in the order instructions. Then let me know what you don’t understand, I’m happy to help.


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